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Keeping Your Head on Straight:

 The Essential Guide to Longus Colli and Sustainable Wellness

By Maria Scalone, State Licensed and Board Certified Massage Therapist

Hello everyone, my name is Helen De Pasquale. I’m a Board-Certified and State Licensed Massage Therapist with 18 years of experience.
Today I would like to introduce you to an anterior neck muscle called the Longus Colli. 

The Longus Colli originates from the transverse processes of C5 to T3. These vertebrae are in the neck and upper chest section of the spinal cord. This muscle extends up from this origin through the neck and attaches at the front of the cervical spine C2 – C6.

This muscle affects curvature of the Cervical spine. The longus colli muscle flexes the neck forward and laterally and assists with rotation of the neck to the opposite side. You will know this muscle is weak when you experience neck pain, and a reduction in neck range of motion and sometimes pain near the eye.

What we see as Massage Therapist is that the head is carried forward from the body. This is caused by improper body mechanics. (Poking your head forward like a turtle while looking at a device’s screen.) Hello office workers, techies, gamers, and device users of all kinds.
Why do we work this muscle? To help with being able to turn your head, neck pain and ironically keeping your head on straight.

We will always ask for consent to work in this area due to how it is treated. Because the Longus Colli sits just slightly behind your trachea. This may trigger anyone who has been a victim of choking due to violence. The client’s airway is not obstructed in any way and no oxygen is lost. Treatment usually only lasts for a moment or two to not create discomfort.

I have received this treatment many times and for those who need it this treatment is beneficial.